Expanding Research: Where can I utilize URATEIT’s most popular survey platforms?

Forums, Conferences and Events

Achieve a successful conclusion on your next events by gathering your attendees’ feedback. Whether what kind of event you’re holding – workshop, seminar, forums, conference, job fair and more – URATEIT Software Solutions can provide you your post-event research needs.

Event surveys can help you get honest feedbacks from your audience about the effectiveness of the various aspects of your event such as the invited speakers, topics, exhibitors, sponsors, food and accommodations and as well as their overall experience attending your event.

Feedbacks and other relevant data regarding your event will be collected and displayed in real-time through our user-friendly dashboard where you will be able to draw meaningful and better conclusions to help you meet attendees’ expectations and improve your future events.

Stores and Shops

Collecting customer feedback is a great way to improve your daily operations and address any issues immediately within your store or shop. Implementing survey to your store and shop will help you understand your customers’ needs and meet their expectations.

Through digital survey, you will determine every aspects of your store that needs to be improved based on the insights and feedback given by your customers. You will know your customers’ thoughts about the prices of your products, how does your staff perform and even their overall experience shopping at your store.

Use the survey results to form smarter decisions and make changes that could improve the shopping experience of your customers. You can customize the survey template if there are specific aspects about your operation you’d like to get feedback on.

Companies and Organizations

Conducting surveys within company can help you measure different aspects and identify matters that needs to be improved such as management and leadership style, employee job satisfaction, company policies and procedures and even the workplace’s atmosphere. Through this, you can have a detailed picture of the thoughts and opinions under your management.

We can design an anonymous digital survey so that your employees will not become hesitant to voice out their concerns and opinions about their job so that you can get honest feedback about certain topics that your employees might not be comfortable discussing personally.

Utilizing survey to employees shows that you are interested in their thoughts and opinions and that your company values their input. Also, you can have the advantage of acquiring new business ideas and concepts from your employees.

Clinics and Hospitals

Achieve a better performance of healthcare practice and services by measuring your patients’ satisfaction. Identify how your patients feel about the quality of care, the performance of the doctors and staff, the accommodation and facilities and their overall experience inside the hospital.

Healthcare surveys enable patients to share their first-hand experience, which allows you to determine aspects that needs attention and gain actionable insights to ensure that problems not become permanent.

Identifying and assessing patients’ concerns can be used to develop change initiatives not just for improvements but also to increase patient referrals. By understanding every healthcare aspects, a hospital can ensure that they’re meeting the demands of the people they serve.

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